hunjano: A magyar népek őstörténete 7
tablets appear to be of local clay, which favors their having been made on the spot and not imported... It seems quite possible that they are merely an uncomprehending imitation of more civilized peoples written records . . . Perhaps the Tartaria tablets are nothing more than a pretense by some unlettered barbarian to command the magic embodied in an art he had witnessed but did u
2011-08-09 23:42:38
hunjano: A magyar népek őstörténete 4
not been satisfactorily assigned to any known group of tongues; it is in no way connected with either the Berber (Hamitic) or Semitic idoms, 193m VI 185 sk.

13) This (kushite) civilization was crucially important not only to the social evolution of the Sudan Itself, but also to the growth and spread of civilizing Ideas and technologies throughout much of continental Afr
2011-08-09 23:31:55

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